An Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning System is essential to maintain the efficiency of solar panels by preventing dust buildup. Hekabot brings you this system unparalleled for its convenience and cost-effectiveness, particularly for large PV plants. The long-term benefits of an investment in such a system are huge.

How does an Automatic Solar Panel Cleaning Robot actually work?

The Hekabot team provides insights on the solar cleaning system.

1. Programming

Hekabot’s cleaning robot offers both automated and manual control options. Clients can program the robot remotely, creating a custom cleaning schedule.

Manual control allows on-demand cleaning. Once programmed, the system operates independently.

2. Ultra-Soft Brush and Dry Cleaning

The cleaning robot employs ultra-soft brushes designed to remove fine dust and debris without damaging the panel’s anti-reflective coating. It ensures a thorough cleaning of all panel surfaces.

3. Polyurethane Wheels

The robot’s polyurethane wheels ensure smooth movement across aluminium frames, commonly found in large PV plants. They follow automation commands efficiently, contributing to maximum cleaning efficiency.

4. Self-Powered

Hekabot’s robots are self-powered, equipped with their own solar panels to charge batteries. This eliminates the need for external power sources or frequent battery replacements, ensuring reliable operation over the plant’s lifespan.

Hekabot’s automatic solar panel cleaning equipment has gained recognition in the PV industry, with installations in numerous solar power plants and satisfied clients. It significantly reduces operational costs and maintains panel performance as expected.

Hekabot’s solar cleaning system: Research backed and tested

The effectiveness of Hekabot’s automatic solar panel cleaning system is backed by extensive research and testing. Years of R&D testing have resulted in a dry cleaning solution that removes dust without causing panel damage. Unlike water-based methods that can leave mineral deposits, Hekabot’s approach is eco-friendly and efficient.

Water-based cleaning methods are less effective and can harm panels in the long term. Hekabot’s dry cleaning approach offers impressive results without these drawbacks.

Our research-based solutions are proven to perform well in real-world conditions. Hekabot also provides dedicated service and maintenance support to ensure optimal PV plant performance.

For more information about cleaning robots or inquiries about the price of our automatic solar panel cleaning system in India, feel free to contact Hekabot’s dedicated customer care team.