Sensor for CO Detection

The HB0-CO-01 is a high quality, cost effective 2-electrode electromechanical cell designed for the detection of Carbon Monoxide CO in a range of applications but particularly for domestic/residential Carbon Monoxide detection, industrial fire detection and ventilation control. This sensor is renowned worldwide for its long lifetime and stable performance.


    Gas sensors are designed for operation in a wide range of environments and harsh conditions. However, it is important that exposure to high concentration of solvent vapours is avoided, during storage, fitting into instruments and in operation.

    Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    Cross Sensitivity

    Whilst the HB0-CO-01 is designed to be highly specific to the gas it is intended to measure, it will still respond to some degree to various gases. The table below is not exclusive and other gases not included in the table may still cause a sensor to react.

    The cross-sensitivity values quoted are based on tests conducted on a small number of sensors. They are intended to indicate sensor response to gases other than the target gas. Sensors may behave differently with changes in ambient conditions and any batch may show significant variation from the values quoted.

    The figures in this table are typical values and should not be used as a basis for cross calibration. Cross sensitivities may not be linear and should not be scaled. For some cross interference, breakthrough will occur if gas is applied for a longer time period.

    Technical Data



    Operating Principle:

    2-electrode electrochemical

    Gas Detected:

    Carbon Monoxide CO

    Measurement Range:

    0 – 500 ppm

    Maximum Overload:

    1,000 ppm

    Output Signal:

    0.045 + 0.015µA per ppm

    Operating voltage:

    9 V – 35V

    Current consumption:

    <100 mA


    Modbus RTU (RS-485)

    Supported baud rate:

    9600; 19200; 38400; 57600; 76800; 115200

    Baseline Offset (clean air):

    -2 to 4 ppm equivalent

    Response Time (T5 90):

    < 30 seconds

    Zero Shift* (-10°C to +50°C):

    < +10 ppm equivalent

    Long Term Output Drift:

    < 5% per annum


    < + 5%

    Bias Voltage:

    Not required