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Use of Barometric Pressure Sensors

HB0-BP-01 are used in environment and weather monitoring system

  • Barometric pressure

The sensor is used as a measuring sensor for Barometric pressure.

    Technical Design

    HB0-BP-01 is based on Bosch’s proven piezo-resistive pressure sensor technology featuring highaccuracy and linearity as well as long term stability and high EMC robustness.

    Numerous device operation options offer highest flexibility to optimize the device regarding power consumption, resolution and filter performance.

    The units are designed for stand or wall mounting and can be deployed with most types of Weather monitoring system (WMS) stand. The cables can be connected through PG cable gland.

    Temperature and Humidity Sensor


    The HB0-BP-01 is perfectly suitable for applications like floor level detection since the sensors features excellent relative accuracy of ±0.12 hPa, which is equivalent to ±1 m difference in altitude, and an offset temperature coefficient (TCO) of only 1.5 Pa/K (equivalent to 12.6 cm/K).

    This application-specific measuring inaccuracy is constant for an installed sensor after approx. 1 hour of operation and can be adjusted as needed in a higher system (e.g. controller).

    Powering the sensor requires a transformer for safety extra low-voltage (SELV) with separate windings for 100 % duty. When sizing and protecting the transformer, comply with all local safety regulations. When sizing the transformer, consider the sensor’s power consumption. For correct wiring, see the related device data sheets. Observe all permissible line lengths.

    Cable routing and cable selection Note that when routing cables, the longer the cable runs and the closer the cables, the greater the electrical interference. Use shielded cables in EMC-prone environments. Twisted pair cables are required for both secondary supply lines and signal lines.

    Technical Data



    Operation range

    300 – 1100 hPa

    Operating voltage

    9V – 35V


    Modbus RTU (RS-485)

    Average current consumption (typ.)

    2.74 μA

    Average measurement time

    5.5 msec.

    (ultra-low power preset)

    Resolution of data

    0.18 Pa

    (eqiuv. to <10 cm)

    Absolute accuracy dp = 950 – 1100 hPa

    ~ ±1 hPa

    Relative accuaracy pressure (typ.) p =950 – 1050 hp

    + 0.12 hPa

    (equiv. to ±1 m)

    Temperature coefficient offset (+25° – +40 °C @900hPa)

    1.5 Pa/K

    (equiv. to 12.6 cm/K)