One-of-a Kind Robotic Solar Module Cleaning System

Hekabot brings a revolutionary change in the renewable sector with its AI-based robotic solar module cleaning system.

Waterless Cleaning

3-layer Ultra Soft Brush system gives best quality cleaning. The waterless cleaning system ensures the conservation of 1000 litre/MW of water per day 

Incredibly Lightweight

An aluminium and stainless steel (SS 304) structure makes it light and sturdy. When the robot moves on the panel surface, there’s no risk of damage due to undue weight pressure.

Special 5th sense technology

The 5th sense technology pre-identifies maintenance issues and generates a service call to ensure maximum productivity and minimum downtime

AI-controlled Misalignment Climbing Technology

The AI-controlled module misalignment climbing technology automatically detects and corrects module misalignment to ensure smooth functioning.

Battery backup

The Hekabot comes with emergency AI-controlled battery backup for Black Box data communication.

Inbuilt battery cooling technology

Higher safety is assured with Hekabot’s inbuilt battery cooling technology.


 Safety Features

The IP67 grade international rating proves the efficiency of the robot against water and dust. The wheels are incorporated with an inbuilt active shock-absorbing mechanism. The wheels absorb any inadvertent mechanical shocks via the Active Shock Absorbing Mechanism and keep the panel safe at all times