All-In-One Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning Solution

Smart, AI-powered waterless robotic solar panel cleaning system for efficient large-scale cleaning.

About HekaBot

When it comes to seeking automatic, AI-controlled, and data-driven robotic solar panel cleaning solutions, HekaBot has emerged to be people’s first choice. Our in-house developed robots operate across countries providing cost-effective and safe solar panel cleaning services. All our hardware and software employ state-of-the-art technologies to offer diverse solutions. At HekaBot, our experienced research and development team stresses upon using the power of artificial intelligence to further improve solar panel predictive maintenance.

Our Product

AI-Based Smart Robotic Solar Module Dry Cleaning System

At the forefront of automation, HekaBot’s new AI-based waterless robot cleaning system enhances solar power production efficiency while preventing fatal human issues. Combining AI, and cloud based networking, this robot offers a suite of reliable robotic solutions

 Why Choose Us?

We are the frontrunners of AI-based robotic solar panel cleaning solutions. At HekaBot, our product ranges across a variety of domains. Depending upon specific requirements, our solar panel cleaning system is equipped with IP67 Grade all-direction protection.

Active Shock Absorbing Mechanism


AI module misalignment technology

5th Sense Technology