If you have an automated cleaning system working for you, maintaining solar panels will be considerably simpler and less stressful. Hekabot offers a variety of effective robotic solar panel cleaning kits. Your modules will be kept clean and optimised for efficiency with the help of these dependable, affordable, low-maintenance solar cleaning robots.

Qualities of an Effective Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Experts at Hekabot have spent years researching and studying what makes a solar cleaning system dependable and easy to use. Several distinctive and useful qualities of our product include:

1. Human Involvement

Our rooftop solar panel cleaning kit is concentrated on maximising the effectiveness of your panel. By following a predetermined routine during the most useful periods, the machine can be programmed. You may boost revenue and save plant maintenance costs by regularly cleaning solar panels, which can increase efficiency by up to 5%.

2. Automated and semi-automated systems

Automatic and semi-automatic mechanisms power Hekabot’s best solar robot kit. They can be controlled remotely, are connected to a cloud system, and are compatible with the SCADA interface. Our adaptable solar-powered robot kit lets users choose between manual and automatic modes.

3. Specialised Installation

The best solar panel cleaning kit can only be obtained through custom installation. At Hekabot, we take the time to get to know our client’s specific needs and extensively examine their PV systems. The panels will be thoroughly cleaned using a tailored solution.

4. Soft and Powerful Brushes

Brushes come into direct touch with the glass surface of solar panels, so it is critical to spend money on high-quality brushes. Soft and dependable brushes are included in our set for cleaning solar panels. In order to prevent the sun’s rays from impairing the PV plant’s ability to produce more energy, they carefully clean all kinds of dust and dirt from the panel surface.

5. Accurate Sensors

Precision sensors included in our best solar panel cleaning kits can quickly identify the edge of a solar array. If necessary, the machine will automatically stop when it approaches the edge and resume the cleaning cycle.

6. Noiseless and fluid operation

Commercial, residential, and industrial installations are all suited for our products. Some solar panel owners would rather clean their solar panels at night when robots are not making a lot of noise.

Why Choose Us

You may acquire a thorough operating and maintenance handbook on how to utilise the cleaning robots from our specialists at Hekabot. Any performance difficulties or urgent maintenance needs are swiftly handled by our experts. Hekabot has a committed team that responds quickly to customers’ questions about our solar panel cleaning kit.

Without further ado, contact us to learn everything you need to know about the Hekabot solar robot kit!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a crucial safety measure. Your solar panels’ ability to be turned off reduces the possibility of electrical shock.

Experts at Hekabot advise you to use the best solar robot kit and clean your panels thoroughly at least once a year. Annual cleaning can increase energy output by up to 12%.

Solar energy is a fantastic source of power. Your energy bills will most likely be positively impacted, which will ease your worries.

Efficiency could increase by 32% using the automatic solar panel cleaning kit. Hekabot’s automatic robot cleaner is more effective and uses less water.