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Benefits & Characteristics

  • Calibrated and temperature compensated
  • Excellent humidity/temperature accuracy and stability
  • High chemical resistance
  • Modbus RTU (RS-485)
  • Wide humidity and temperature range
  • Very low drift
  • Very stable at high humidity
  • Interchangeable without adjustments
  • Mechanically robust

    Use of Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    HB0-TH-01 are used in environment and weather monitoring system

    • Relative humidity
    • Temperature

    The sensor is used as a measuring sensor for temperature relative humidity of ambient.

    Technical design

    The units are designed for stand or wall mounting and can be deployed with most types of

    Weather monitoring system (WMS) stand. The cables can be connected through PG cable gland.

    Measured value

    HB0TH01 provides the measured values on its Modbus holding register. The following measured values are displayed, alternating at intervals of 1 s:

    • Temperature: in °C or °F
    • Humidity: in % h.


    The following impacts the accuracy of measurement:

    • Prevailing air flow

    This application-specific measuring inaccuracy is constant for an installed sensor after approx. 1 hour of operation and can be adjusted as needed in a higher system (e.g. controller).

    Powering the sensor requires a transformer for safety extra low-voltage (SELV) with separate windings for 100 % duty. When sizing and protecting the transformer, comply with all local safety regulations. When sizing the transformer, consider the sensor’s power consumption. For correct wiring, see the related device data sheets. Observe all permissible line lengths.

    Cable routing and cable selection Note that when routing cables, the longer the cable runs and the closer the cables, the greater the electrical interference. Use shielded cables in EMC-prone environments. Twisted pair cables are required for both secondary supply lines and signal lines.

    Temperature and Humidity Sensor

    Technical Data



    Operating temperature range:

    -40 °C to +125 °C

    Operating humidity range:

    0 % RH to 100 % RH


    < ±1 % RH

    Operating voltage:

    9 V – 35V

    Current consumption:

    <100 mA


    Modbus RTU (RS-485)

    Supported baud rate:

    9600; 19200; 38400; 57600; 76800; 115200

    Transmission format:

    1-8-E-1; 1-8-O-1; 1-8-N-1; 1-8-N-2

    Reverse polarity protection:


    Bus termination:

    120 ohm

    Storage conditions:

    -20 °C to +50 °C




    ±0.2 K (0 °C to +60 °C)


    ±0.1 K


    +0.015 °C

    Long-term drift:

    < 0.05 K/a

    Response time t6 3:

    < 12 s with membrane filter

    Relative Humidity



    ±1.8 % RH at +23 °C (0 % RH to +90 % RH)


    ±0.2 % RH


    0.02 % RH

    Long-term drift:

    < 0.5 % RH/a

    Response time t63:

    < 12 s with membrane filter