Hekabot is a leading IoT solutions provider in the energy management domain. Our weather monitoring system is equipped with integrated technological solutions. Apart from the solar panels, battery, and data logger set, the IoT based weather monitoring system consists of multiple sensors that help in collecting weather-associated data on the site with utmost precision.

The weather monitoring system using Arduino is a self-powered system that can last for a long time on the site without human intervention, churning out accurate data at regular intervals. This fully digital monitoring system is a game-changer in the environment monitoring domain as it operates self-sufficiently, bringing installation and maintenance costs down significantly.

Best Features

Here are the major highlights of our solar panel cleaning solutions that make it a cut above the rest.

  • Waterless Cleaning: The ultra-soft three-layered brush sweeps the dirt and dust particles in a swift motion, making water usage redundant.
  • Light and Sturdy: The aluminium and SS304 light alloy give it a light yet robust body. The panel gets clean without the slightest burden on the delicate PV cells.
  • Improved panel absorption capacity: The panels get spotlessly cleaned by the robot and thus keep their absorption capacity at its peak.
  • SCADA compatible: You can plan the cleaning operation in advance as the automatic solar panel cleaning equipment is SCADA compatible.


Important Benefits

  • The different weather parameters studied can be particularly useful in making optimal utilisation of the site. For instance, the transpiration rate, soil moisture, and solar radiation data can be used for planting the right crops suitable for the area.
  • The data patterns can be made use of to improve the efficiency of the overall system.
  • The IoT-based weather monitoring system can be integrated well with the weather monitoring station and reduce energy consumption and associated costs.