Investing in solar energy is an intelligent choice. As solar panels are a significant investment, do not let them go to waste. With maintenance and cleaning at regular intervals, you can protect your solar panels and ensure that your investment is sufficiently protected. However, some individuals initially get the panels but need help figuring out how to care for them. Incorrect methods can even nullify the panel warranties. Thus, it is crucial to clean solar panels properly to prevent breakdown. For best effectiveness, you must contact experts and perform a professional cleaning. Or even better, get an automated solar panel cleaning system installed.

What is automatic solar panel cleaning?

With regularly scheduled cleanings, automated solar cleaning systems keep your panels clean at all times. Unlike conventional solar panel cleaning, these automated solutions eliminate the need for human labour after installation, which requires manual employees to visit your home to clean the panels. Because it is automatic, you do not need to bother remembering to schedule the cleanings. A system for automatically cleaning your solar panels would make everything much more straightforward. 

How do solar panels mostly get dirty?

In addition to being an annoyance, dirty solar panels pose a security risk. They may reduce your system’s output and ability to generate electricity, increasing the expense of maintaining your system. There are several causes for filthy solar panels. These are some of the most fundamental reasons:

1. Water damage – The amount of energy the panel produces might lower significantly if water corrodes the panel.

2. Dust buildup – If you do not clean your solar panels frequently enough, dust might accumulate on them over time.

3. Rainwater – Rainwater can enter your solar panel and create corrosion from moisture inside the cells, resulting in water damage and rust surrounding metal connections.

4. Debris – Animal or plant debris could become lodged in the spaces between the cells, creating obstructions that prohibit electricity from moving freely through the panel.

What are the five key benefits of having an automated solar panel cleaning system?

Cleaning solar panels regularly affects their performance over time. You should clean your solar panels frequently to lower the possibility of degradation, which results in lesser energy production and more significant maintenance costs. Here are some benefits of solar panel cleaning robots.

1. A higher production of energy – When people consider solar panels, they frequently think of how much money they can save by using the sun as a sustainable energy source and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. However, unclean solar panels can produce less electricity than they are capable of. By ensuring that the solar panels are always clean, an automated cleaning system will safeguard your investment and enhance energy production by almost up to 30%.

2. Very little maintenance – You don’t need to put in any further labourafter installation of the automated solar cleaning system on a residential or commercial site. Our systems are constructed to meet the precise specifications of a specific residential or commercial solar array and account for seasonal changes. Additionally, since there are no moving parts, homeowners and business owners may easily take advantage of the benefits of routinely cleaning panels without worrying that they will need to repair or replace system components.

3. Safeguard panel warranty – Unfortunately, some conventional techniques for cleaning solar panels can cause more harm than good. While maintaining and cleaning solar panels is crucial for maximizing production, an incorrect cleaning process might result in damaged panels and void warranty coverage. On the other hand, a sound automated system will work in accordance with all norms and regulations set forth by solar panel manufacturers. To reduce heat stress, the system cleans at night. It also employs soft, filtered water to get rid of limescale buildup. 

4. No risk of personal injury – Working on roofs and climbing up there can be risky for humans, and the panels might also suffer damage. Cleaners would not have to climb up on the roof of your house or business because of an automatic solar panel cleaning system. This reduces your responsibility as the owner of the property. 

5. Being environment-friendly – Going green entails purchasing a solar panel automation system. Such panels only contain soft, filtered water and no chemicals. Additionally, it uses water very effectively, preventing any unneeded waste.


Your solar system may need cleanings to return to optimal performance if you detect a decline in power output or a peak power variance. Your solar panels’ output will momentarily rise if you manually clean them. However, after a few weeks, they will become dirty once again. With no chance of voiding your warranty, Hekabot’s automatic solar panel cleaning system will consistently keep panels clean most safely and effectively. Cleaning solar panels can prolong their useful life and increase their electricity production. Utilize an automatic solar panel cleaning system like Hekabot to get the most out of your solar panels.

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